Being Funny in Your Writing


Three Tricks For Humor Writing

State the Obvious:  Hit people with things that are so obvious, but no one seems to notice. Pretty much an episode of Seinfeld.

Be Subtle: Let the audience figure out the joke on their own. Don’t over-explain the punchline. Here’s a good example:

Man: “God, is it true that a thousand years is like a minute to you?”

God: “Yes, that’s true.”

Man: “And is it true that a million dollars is like a penny to you?”

God: “Yes, that’s also true.”

Man: “God?”

God: “Yes, son?”

Man: “Can I have a penny?”

God: “Sure. It’ll just take a minute.”

 Surprise Your Audience: Tell a story and convince everyone your’e going in one direction, than go in a complete different one. Humor is supposed to sound effortless, which requires a buttload of practice.

Here’s some links to work on your Humor in Writing!

Also check out this video!


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