Sounds boring right?

Writing for the internet is hard, but I’m here to make it easy. This isn’t an essay for Ms. Johnsons english class where only a few people see it. Once it’s on the internet, you’re exposing your work to a large number of people, and by a large number of people I mean 3 billion! So come with me on this journey of internet writing enlightenment and I’ll take you to the promise land…or don’t either way is fine. Lets break the ice with a little humor….cheers

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street


Being Funny in Your Writing


Three Tricks For Humor Writing

State the Obvious:  Hit people with things that are so obvious, but no one seems to notice. Pretty much an episode of Seinfeld.

Be Subtle: Let the audience figure out the joke on their own. Don’t over-explain the punchline. Here’s a good example:

Man: “God, is it true that a thousand years is like a minute to you?”

God: “Yes, that’s true.”

Man: “And is it true that a million dollars is like a penny to you?”

God: “Yes, that’s also true.”

Man: “God?”

God: “Yes, son?”

Man: “Can I have a penny?”

God: “Sure. It’ll just take a minute.”

 Surprise Your Audience: Tell a story and convince everyone your’e going in one direction, than go in a complete different one. Humor is supposed to sound effortless, which requires a buttload of practice.

Here’s some links to work on your Humor in Writing!

Also check out this video!


-Headlines that POP OUT draw more attention than others. An easy way to do this is to add adjectives that are unique and attractive.

-Before you go and jump into a headline you like, scope out the competition first. See what works and what doesn’t and go from there.

-Try keeping the headline on one line. It flows better and just looks plain awkward if there’s one or two words chilin on the second line.

Here’s some links with some tips on how to make a great headline:

dontsSet Unrealistic Goals- Don’t be a hero. If you can’t post everyday that’s okay. Your blog isn’t going anywhere. Start posting weekly, than you’ll get in a groove.

Limit Your Word Count- Nobody wants to see a long essay that never ends. Keep it simple, but also when necessary go long.

Make Grammar Mistakes- If you make them, correct them ASAP. It’s not the end of the world, but if you want people to take you seriously, act professional.

Avoid Trying New Things- Don’t be afraid to step out of you comfort zone. Take risks and try new things.

doFind Your Focus- Who is your target audience? Besides owning a computer, this is the first step. Once you find an audience, you can run away with it.

Be Yourself- I’m talking about voice and not the television show with Adam Devine and Blake Shelton. I’m saying YOUR voice. Your personality or your voice in writing is what will keep your audience coming back for more.

Include Images- Don’t know about you guys, but when I was a young buck pictures always attracted my eyes over anything. And I’ll tell you what….they still do. Besides your content and personality, readers need to be stimulated visually.

Respond to Comments- This is a chance to get to know your audience. You don’t have to respond to all comments, but the ones that you think are worthy deserve some love. Also ignore the TROLLS!

Online Images That Are Fair Game to Use in Your Blog